Employ highly skilled migrants or expats easily?

Holland Employment Experts make you work without worries

This is why companies employ highly skilled migrant via us

Hiring knowledge migrants and expats bring many obligations, procedures and risks for you as an employer. If your knowlegde migrant is employed by Holland Employment Experts in a legal sense, we are the ones who carry the employer's obligations and the risks relating to employment law.

We welcome the highly skilled migrant with an introductory package about working in the Netherlands and we maintain personal contact with both of you. We also take over all administrative and legal matters completely.

We have been a recognized sponsor for over 8 years.

We take over all risks and obligations from you.

We check whether the highly skilled migrant is eligible for the 30% facility and implement it for you.

The management and supervision on the work floor are entirely yours.

No need to worry about salary payment and salary administration.

We maintain personal contact with you and the highly skilled migrant and ensure that everything runs according to the rules.

Accelerated IND procedure with a duration of 4 weeks.

We are always there for you and the highly skilled migrant!

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