Working as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands

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Highly skilled migrant Gert Willem Smit (from South Africa)

"The process to start in the Netherlands seems enormously complicated in the beginning. As soon as you have the right assistance, everything falls into place. Then it is no longer complicated."

"It is very nice if you do not have to concentrate on all your unknown administration in a new country, but you can focus on your new life."

Do you want to build your career as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands just like Gert-Willem? That means you have to meet several conditions:

You need an employer.

You need a work permit.

You have to meet the salary criteria.

Your employer has to be an IND sponsor.

"When you collaborate with Holland Employment Experts, we ensure that all the conditions for working in the Netherlands are met. That’s quite a reassurance."

IND sponsor?

If you want to work for an employer, there is one important thing to find out. Is your employer an IND sponsor? This means that your employer is entitled to hire you as a highly skilled migrant. If your employer is not an IND sponsor, you can engage Holland Employment Experts. We are an IND sponsor and ensure you get a work permit. We are here to give you a carefree start on the Dutch labor market.

Collaborate with us!

Holland Employment Experts helps entrepreneurs and knowledge migrants to work together. Many employers who are not recognized IND sponsors, but who employ highly skilled migrants, do this via a collaboration with us. We take over all administrative obligations and procedures.

Holland Employment Experts makes sure everyone can work without worries!

More information?

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